“When a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade”  -MARK TWAIN

Welcome to Regal1

Located on 13 beautiful acres in the area known as Green Country in Southeast Oklahoma (the state where Savannah cats originated), Regal1 is a small, family-owned cattery which is a member of the Feline Conservation Federation, registered with both TICA and CFA and Cat Kingpin certified.  Our breeding program observes best accepted practices, and is here to support you before and after you adopt a beloved new feline family member from us.  We specialize in the hybrid exotic Savannah cat breed and Egyptian Mau cat. Our family has a deep love and respect for these captivating breeds and each and every one of our cats is truly a member of our own family. Our breeding cats are carefully selected for type, quality, and temperament. Adhering to the highest breed standards, our goal is to produce kittens with a wild and exotic look, but having the affectionate and playful characteristics of a domestic family pet. We consistently produce cats that possess deep, bold spotting and a variety of coat colors.

Each of our cats is brought up with tender loving care. Kittens are handled and socialized daily from the earliest age to imprint and create a strong human bond and ensure each kitten is well adjusted with the best possible temperament. We do not use any small cages and our cats enjoy combination indoor and outdoor spaces with large enclosures for fresh air and sunshine, along with stimulating and interesting opportunities for play and exploration.  It is our pleasure and privilege to be their caretakers, and we strive to provide all our cats, kittens, and breeding cats alike, with an environment that is comfortable, climate-controlled and fun!

“Time spent with cats is never wasted.” – Sigmund Freud