Bringing Your Kitten Home

Regal1, specializing in the Savannah cat and Egyptian Mau Breed, is here to support you before and after you adopt a Savannah kitten or Egyptian Mau kitten from us.

Bringing your new kitten home is an exciting time indeed. Before the day arrives, we suggest having a plan, preparing her space and taking a few simple step to assure your kitten’s transition to her new home is a positive and seamless one. Before picking your kitten up, whether in person or at the airport, be sure that you have picked up the proper food she will need. Each kitten at Regal1 has been weaned to an appropriate diet before leaving. We will let you know the brand and type of food your kitten is eating and send a small supply with her. If you plan to change to another quality brand, then we suggest that you begin the first day or two with the food we send, then slowly mix her current food with the new brand of food in increasing ratio. A kitten’s digestive system can be sensitive to food change, and combined with the stress of a move, may cause some stomach upset. So, planning for her food and any changes in advance will help keep everyone happy. Since she has already been weaned, she will not need any milk and cow’s milk should not ever be given.

When planning and preparing your kittens homecoming space, we also suggest that you use an area than is not too large or having places where a kitten may hide. A large bathroom often makes the perfect spot for introduction to a new home. Although all our kittens have been well socialized and exposed to various situations, moving to a new home can still be a little intimidating. Some kittens may immediately make themselves at home, while others may take a few days to really settle in. Beginning in a small area and expanding her territory out into a larger living space over a few days can make the transition less stressful and a positive one. Creating a “home base” also let’s her know where to find her food and litter box, preventing any accidents, and keeps you from searching the house to find your kitten. With a good transition, before you know it, she will be following you around and looking for you!

Toys, toys toys. We have never met a kitten that didn’t enjoy toys, and we find that a sure way to make fast friends is toys. Most kittens especially love to play with toys attached by string onto a stick, so they can interact, engage their wild side and spring into action. Playing with her gives her a fun and exciting way to interact with you and burn away any pent up energy or anxiety from the trip home.

Let’s not forget comfort. Your kitten may still have been with litter mates or other kittens before leaving our cattery, so this may be her first time alone. A cozy bed or something plush and soft will make her feel more comfortable and give her something to snuggle. At this age she will not be extremely sensitive to temperature, but the temperature in her space should not be overly hot or overly cold. If you are comfortable, chances are she is too. Just be sure she has a cozy place to rest.

At Regal1 we are always here for you. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions, request advice or simply share back fun photos of your kitten as shes transitions to become the newest member of YOUR family. We hope and trust that you will love and enjoy your kitten as much as we have!