The Egyptian Mau is the only cat breed in the world that has natural spots – the only house cat, that is.

He originated is Egypt, but is thought to be a descendant of the African Wild Cat.  Other spotted house cats are hybrid cats, the result of breeding a domestic cat to a non-domestic or “wild” breed.  The Mau (named from the Egyptian word for cat) is a small to medium short haired cat (usually 7-10 lbs), and is considered to be a rare breed.  He is known to be gentle and reserved, having a relaxed personality and laid-back attitude, yet is very athletic and loves to climb.  Cats of this breed have been clocked at running up to 30 miles per hour and have a great ability to leap.  Said to have “springs in his legs”, don’t be surprised to find your Mau hanging out on top on your tallest furniture or cabinets.

The Egyptian Mau cat is considered smart and observing, and has been known to learn how to open doors and drawers to get what he wants inside, such as a toy or treat.

He will gaze at you with his beautiful “gooseberry” green eyes, and melt your heart.  A Mau expects to be part of the family.  Adoring and people-oriented, he loves his people, desiring attention and affection from them, but may be a bit cautious of strangers.  A bit of the “wild” appearance remains in this breed of old, like his “cheetach gait” and the loose skin flap from flank to hind leg, which gives him an ease and innate agility for jumping and twisting.

The Egyptian Mau comes in 3 colors, silver with charcoal markings, bronze with dark brown or black markings, and smoke with black markings.

The smoke color is a pale silver fur tipped in black, looking like is has been dusted in charcoal, with a pattern of black spotting.  It is difficult to do justice to the elegant and subtle nuances of the Maus coat in photos.  You almost have to see it to appreciate it.

We have Queens at Regal1 Cattery who are silver and smoke, and may produce and offer Egyptian Mau for sale in any of the colors.

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