Policies and Pricing

At Regal1 we are in the business of cats first and foremost for our love of cats.  We try to keep our kitten prices as reasonable as possible.  That being said, practicing proper animal care, feeding and management of a cattery is a pretty expensive and labor intensive process, and we devote ourselves to doing it right.  All of our cats, breeders, kittens, and personal pets alike experience an environment that is carefully managed in terms of cleanliness, space to enjoy life, opportunity for play, comfort and temperature.  Servals and high percentage Savannahs are also bottle fed.  But, at Regal1 we want you to have the opportunity to enjoy these fabulous breeds as we have, and so it is our goal to produce quality and healthy kittens at the most affordable price that we can.

Each kitten leaves our cattery with a written health guarantee and with appropriate vaccinations and worming treatments for his age.  Kittens who are transported to their new homes by airline will stay with us until 12 weeks of age when they have received 2 rounds of vaccinations.  Kittens that are being picked up in person may be able to leave at a slightly younger age.  Please click on the Shipping link at the bottom of the page for more information on shipping.


Savannah F1       6000-7500

F2                          2500-4500

F3                          1800-2800

F4 SBT                  1300-2000

F5-F6 SBT             900-1500

Serval                    4500

Egyptian Mau      800-1000