If the call of the wild is what attracts you to cats, then the Savannah cat breed may be the one for you.

The Savannah is a hybrid cat breed. It is a cross between the African Serval and domestic cat. Known for its stately elegance, the Savannah stands tall with its characteristic long legs and long neck, and a stealth slender body like that of the serval. It is a medium to large cat, typically 9-15 lbs at maturity, (& occasionally larger), often continuing to grow until age 2. With its tall and slender build, it can appear larger than one would expect for its weight.

The Savannah cat is playful, curious, quick and enchanting. He often develops a close bond with his people, enjoying hanging out nearby or curling up in their lap, and is sometimes even said to have a dog-like personality.

Your Savannah may follow you from room to room or greet you at the door when you come home. Smart and sly, some even enjoy learning to play a game of fetch with their favorite cat toy, bringing it back for you to toss over and over again, or maybe hiding it in a place of their choosing.

The Savannah, especially the F1 Savannah cat,  has a high leaping ability.

So don’t be surprised to find him hanging out on top of your kitchen cabinets or refrigerator or leaping straight up on all four during play. Many also enjoy playing in water. If you enjoy a cat that is interactive, intelligent and full of adventure, then you’re sure to find the Savannah to be endearing and quite the joy.

At Regal1 cattery we offer Savannah hybrid cats for sale in a variety of coat colors, including silver, and consistently have kittens with beautiful, bold, deep markings.

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